Emerging from a productive exchange between social movement practice and radical scholarship, Keywords for Radicals acknowledges its indebtedness to a variety of texts, which are included in our "Suggested Reading" list below. Distinct from a mere "endorsement," we include these texts here as useful references for those interested in orienting to the questions that Keywords for Radicals seeks to address. In many cases, the material was drawn upon in some way during the project's development. To recommend texts to be included on (or to share syllabi devised from) this list, please feel free to contact us.

Contradictionary CrimethInc. Ex-Workers' Collective
In the tradition of The Devil's Dictionary, our Contradictionary assembles a wide range of wit and whimsy. This is no mere miscellany, but a lighthearted work of serious literature, concentrating a wealth of ideas and history into aphorisms and anecdotes.

Definitions for the Revolution Colors of Resistance Archive
The following definitions were compiled by COR members, borrowing lists developed by the Challenging White Supremacy Workshop and the Women of Color Resource Center.

The Development Dictionary: A Guide to Knowledge as Power
Wolfgang Sachs (Ed.)

A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
Tom Bottomore (Ed.)

Dictionary of War is a collaborative platform for creating concepts on the topic of "war", to be invented, arranged and presented at a public, two-day event. The aim is to introduce a series of concepts that either play an important role in the contemporary discourse of war, have so far been neglected, or have yet to be created.

New Keywords: A Revised Vocabulary of Culture and Society Tony Bennett, Lawrence Grossberg, Meaghan Morris (Eds.)

Occupying Language: The Secret Rendezvous with History and the Present Marina Sitrin and Dario Azzellini. Occupying Language is an open conversation. Through it, Sitrin and Azzellin invite readers to join them listen to insurgent movements that have been organizing in Latin America over the past twenty years, and to connect key concepts and language from those struggles with movements in the United States today.

Political Concepts: A Critical Lexicon is a multidisciplinary, web-based journal that seeks to be a forum for engaged scholarship. Each lexical entry will focus on a single concept with the express intention of resituating it in the field of political discourse by addressing what has remained unquestioned or unthought in that concept. Read more here.

Political Keywords: A Guide for Students, Activists, and Everyone Else Andrew Levine.

Institue for Anarchist Studies Lexicon Pamphlet Series