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Keywords for Radicals available now from AK Press!

We are thrilled to announce the April 2016 release of Keywords for Radicals: The Contested Vocabulary of Late-Capitalist Struggle. More than a glossary, Keywords for Radicals makes clear that contests over word usage and meaning are themselves meaningful. By forcing words to reveal the underlying social contradictions they symptomatically express, the contributors to this volume provide an important new vantage on the terrain—and the stakes—of contemporary struggle.


OCT 9: "Keywords" as Movement-Based Intellectual Strategy” in Washington DC
1:30-3:00pm Featuring editor AK Thompson, and contributors Maia Ramnath and Heather Davis. 13th Annual Public Anthropology Conference, American University, Room MGC 245

OCT 20: “Radical Keywords for Reference Librarianship” in New York
6:30-8 pm CUNY Graduate Centre, 365 Fifth Ave, Room C198.

OCT 20: Book Launch in Los Angeles
7 pm Human Resources Gallery (410 Cottage Home St.) Book launch and discussion with editor Clare O'Connor and special guest Robin D.G. Kelley.

NOV 9 : Discussion in New York 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
"Words and Things: Raymond Williams, Late Capitalism, and Keywords for Radicals" The Center for Place, Culture and Politics, 365 5th Ave, Rm 6408. In this public dialogue, Keywords for Radicals co-editor AK Thompson will review Williams’ method in light of the new terrain to highlight its enduring relevance while demonstrating how it might be modified to address the epistemological challenges posed by the cultural logic of late capitalism.

NOV 12 : Panel Discussion in London, UK
9:15 am Panel at UK Historical Materialism Conference. Featuring contributors Patrick Bond, Nina Power, Sarah Lamble, and Stefan Kipfer.

NOV 17: Book launch in Denver
7pm Book Launch, part of American Studies Association Conference. Featuring David Roediger (President of the American Studies Association), Glenn Handler and Bruce Burgett (editors of Keywords for American Studies), Keywords for Radicals contributor Thomas Nail, and editors AK Thompson and Clare O’Connor.

NOV 17: Book launch in Ottawa
7pm Book Launch and Keywords Discussion, Octopus Books, 251 Bank St., 2nd Floor. Featuring editor Kelly Fritsch, and contributors Stacy Douglas, Rebecca Schein, and Dan Irving.

DEC 4: Book launch in San Francisco
Howard Zinn Book Fair. Featuring contributor Robin Marie Averbeck and editor AK Thompson.


APRIL 15: Bluestockings Bookstore in New York City Book launch and discussion with editor AK Thompson.

APRIL 16: Author meets critic at New York Anarchist Bookfair featuring editor AK Thompson and discussant Darren Kwong.

MAY 13: Book Launch in Toronto 8pm at the Imperial Pub (54 Dundas St. East) MAY 15: Historical Materialism in Toronto York University, 10:00am-11:30am Book Launch and Roundtable Discussion with editors Kelly Fritsch and AK Thompson and contributors: Kate Kaul on “experience”; Bryan Palmer on “history”; Kanishka Goonewardena on “space”; Stefan Kipfer on “populism”; Himani Bannerji on “ideology”; Neil Balan on “war”; Mandy Hiscocks on “conspiracy.”

MAY 19: Workshop at The Base in Brooklyn Workshop and Discussion on Movement Building and Radical Education with editors Clare O’Connor and AK Thompson.

MAY 20-22: Left Forum Conference in New York City Panel and discussion with contributors George Caffentzis on “commons”; Silvia Federici on “reproduction”; Clare O’Connor on “accountability”; and AK Thompson on “agency."

7PM Join Keywords for Radicals Editors and Contributors for an engaging discussion about the world within our words!

MAY 24: Interference Archive in New York City
Lecture and Discussion on the politics of keywords and data visualization with editors Clare O'Connor and AK Thompson.

MAY 26: Red Emma’s Bookstore in Baltimore Book launch and discussion with contributors Heather Hax on “victory”; Clare O’Connor on “accountability” and AK Thompson on “agency.”

JUNE 2-5: Cultural Studies Association conference in Philadelphia Panel discussion with contributors Rasheedah Phillips on “future”; Miranda Joseph on “responsibility”; Heather Hax on “victory”; and editors Kelly Fritsch, Clare O’Connor, and AK Thompson.

JUNE 2: Wooden Shoe Bookstore in Philadelphia Book launch event with Rashedeeh Phillips on “future” and Clare O’Connor on “accountability.”

JUNE 3: Workshop at ASPACE in Philadelphia 7pm Workshop and Discussion on Movement Building and Radical Education with editors Clare O’Connor and AK Thompson.

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Available from AK Press